Causes of the Civil War

Cotton Economy
Life on the Plantation, picking cotton
Manufacturing in the South

Conditions of Enslavement
Uncle Tom’s Cabin reviews (w/worksheets)
Adaptation and resistance movements – Underground Railroad

Explain the issue the South faced with its cotton economy.
How did enslaved people respond to their bondage during the Antebellum Era?

Origins of the Civil War
“Why the War Came”
Political issues, states’ rights, modernization
Nullification Crisis
Economic differences between the North and South

For and Against Slavery
“Against Extending Slavery”
“Against Restricting Slavery”
Pro-slavery arguments in the South
Abolitionist movements
After the Fact p. 150-173 (Harper’s Ferry)

Attempted Solutions and More Problems
Reasons for and effects of westward expansion and the sectional debates
  • Crisis of the 1850s
  • Kansas-Nebraska problem
  • Ostend Manifesto
  • Lincoln-Douglas debates

Missouri Compromise
Wilmot Proviso
Ostend Manifesto
Compromise of 1850
Kansas-Nebraska Act
Bleeding Kansas
Harper’s Ferry
Lincoln-Douglas Debates
Dred Scott Decision

Jefferson Davis and the Confederacy
“Official Explanation of the Causes of the Civil War” (Davis article)
Election of 1860
Southern fears
Formation of the Confederacy