Independence Movements

This unit focuses on the various forces that contributed to the rise of the independence movements, the similar and different paths that movements followed, and the immediate effects of the independence in the region. It explores the political, intellectual, and military contributions of their leaders and the sometimes contradictory views that shaped the emergence of the new nations.

Road to War
  1. What events led to the rise of the independence movement in the British Colonies?

  2. What were the political, economic, and intellectual causes of the American Revolution, including conflicts and issues leading to war?
  1. What was the process leading to the U.S. Declaration of Independence?

  2. What were the nature of the influence of ideas on the Declaration of Independence?

  3. Why is the Declaration of Independence significant to the World?

  1. How did key military campaigns impact the outcome of the war?
  2. What role did foreign intervention play in the American Revolution?

  3. What was the significance of the contributions of George Washington to the process of independence?

  1. What were the characteristics and processes of Latin American independence movements?

  2. What are similarities and differences between the Haitian Revolution and Mexican independence movement?

  3. How did military campaigns contribute to the outcome of the independence movements?

  4. What was the United States’ position on Latin American Independence?

  5. Why did the United States create the Monroe Doctrine?

  1. What were the economic and social impacts of the independence movements in the Americas?

  2. What new perspectives on economic development emerged from independence from imperial powers?

  3. How did the independence movements impact Native Americans, African Americans, and creoles?

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