Gilded Age

The Transcontinental Railroad established a permanent link between the East and West coasts. This created new markets for the goods being produced as a result of industrialization. This led to the Gilded Age which gets its name from the wealth that is created during this time and the way of life this wealth supported, although not everyone in this period enjoyed the privileges that wealth can provide.

  • Technological innovations
  • Productivity enhancements
  • Free enterprise system
  • Creation of national market
  • Rise of corporations 
Controlling Big Business
  • Captains of industry 
  • Monopolies 
  • Changing business-government relationship
    • Sherman Antitrust Act
    • Interstate Commerce Act
Labor Conditions
  • Poor working conditions, child labor
  • Growth of labor unions
  • Samuel Gompers
  • Push/pull: People move from countryside to city
  • Filthy cities, overcrowding  
  • Legal and illegal immigrants
  • Political machines

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