Roaring Twenties

The Roaring 20’s brought economic prosperity to America. Automobiles became more affordable thanks to Henry Ford’s assembly line. Changing values saw conflicts over Prohibition, Science and Religion, and fear of communism surfacing after the Russian Revolution of 1917. Women became more independent and the Harlem Renaissance showcased the talents of the African American community.
Reasons for Prosperity in the 1920s

Republican Presidents
How did the policies of these Republican presidents affect the economy of the 1920s?

Warren Harding
  •  Normalcy 
    • Isolationism 
    • Disarmament 
    • Tariff
  • Teapot Dome 
Calvin Coolidge
  • Laissez faire 
  • Income taxes 
  • Tariffs 
  • Kellogg-Briand Act 
Herbert Hoover
  • “Rugged Individualism” 
  • Welfare capitalism

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